A Message from Ferrari Owners Charitable Foundation:

Thank you so much for your interest in the Golden Gate Ferrari Festival. We have encountered unforeseen challenges including a recent question over the structural integrity of Civic Center Plaza that must be explored by a structural engineering firm to ensure the overall safety of the event. On June 20, 2016, with this unfortunate situation still unresolved, we came to the difficult decision to cancel the Festival.  We deeply regret being unable to move forward to make our vision of Ferraris on the Plaza a reality.

We are committed to respecting the time and energy of our team and that of the Make-A-Wish organization, the quality of the Ferrari brand, and above all your safety, confidence and enjoyment. It is impossible to fully express our regret at canceling this splendid event, as well as our gratitude to you for considering being a part of it.  Thank you.


Golden Gate Ferrari Festival
Ferrari Owners Charitable Foundation
Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area

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